1. Caps is allowed, But don't over-use it. It gets annoying when someone is constantly going READ MY PASTA PLZZZZZ PLZZZZZ READ IT PPLZZZZ

2. Don’t spam letters, numbers, and emotes. It lags chat and it is very rude.

3. If someone is bothering you in PM, Don't start complaining about it on main just to start something. Notify me or an admin and it will be dealt with.

4. Don’t post links to anything NSFW. If you absolutely HAVE TO, (Which you probably don't) Give it to someone via PM.

5. Don’t post links that are longer than --------------------------------------------------. If you want to post a link that is longer than that,


6. Don’t post screamers or shock websites. If you do you will receive a kick, And if you do it again a 2 hour ban.

7. NO ASCII PLEASE. It stretches chat and is very pointless. It also makes the chat lag.

8. Don’t be a douchebag on chat please.

9. If an admin tells you to do something, you do it. If an admin tells you to STOP doing something, you stop doing it.

10. Don’t pester admins about something happening. If we thing the situation is bad enough for us to jump in, we will.

11. Please respect all admins.

12. Don’t post off-site hate if you get banned. It will only make things worse.

If you have a problem with these rules, don’t say anything.

More rules will be added as chat develops.